Digestive Health Market

What you put into your body plays an important role in your digestive health. We’ve curated a selection of healthy products to help you improve your gut health and overall wellness.

Private label (Digestive Health Works) products

Banana flakes, Tumeric, Mint products, etc

-Banana flakes are a pantry staple if you have GI issues and work to alleviate symptoms of diarrhea and IBS. The fibers in banana flakes absorb watery diarrhea resulting in improved stool consistency and regular bowel movements.

-Tumeric has traditionally been used to aid in poor digestion, abdominal pain, and distension. The WHO even recommends it for acid reflux and flatulence. It’s best taken with a small amount of coconut oil and black pepper to maximize absorption.

-You’ve probably heard a nice, warm cup of peppermint tea will help settle an upset stomach. That’s because mint is a popular remedy for digestive issues, so it’s always a good idea to have some mint leaves, peppermint tea, or mint oil on hand if you are prone to digestive issues.

Smoothie drink merchant (shakeology)

Our smoothies are formulated to be protein and nutrient-dense.You’ll experience increased energy, improved gut health, healthy weight loss, and improved overall health and wellness. And they taste delicious too!