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Gastroenterology is the study of the normal function and diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum.

Liver Clinic

From hepatitis to cirrhosis and fatty liver disease, these conditions can have a significant impact on your health and well-being.

Pancreas Clinic

The pancreas is a crucial organ in the body, responsible for producing enzymes and hormones that help regulate blood sugar levels and aid in digestion.


We offer a variety of procedures depending on your needs, which may include a colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, ERCP and more. 

Weight Loss Clinic

Losing weight can be a challenging journey, but with the right information and strategies, it is possible to achieve your goals. We help get you on a weight loss journey right for you.

Nutritional Plans

When it comes to achieving your health and wellness goals, a proper nutritional plan plays a crucial role. But with so much conflicting information out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s where we come in.

Outreach Clinics

Digestive Health recognizes the obstacles to obtaining specialty related healthcare in the rural areas of Texas. We are happy to offer monthly, in-person clinic opportunities in the following locations to discuss how we can assist you.

Physiology Lab

We explore the intricacies of human physiology, from how our organs function to how our cells communicate. Through informative articles and engaging visuals, we aim to provide a deeper understanding of how our bodies work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our fax number is (855) 618-2244.

We are located in at 850 Hickory Street, Suite 103, Abilene, Texas 79601.
When heading west on Ambler take a left on Hickory. We are on the right, on the corner of N. 18th & Hickory. Inside the building we are on the first floor, sixth door on the left.
We take all insurance, Hendrick however does not accept Ambetter if you are needing any services rendered from them separately.
If you have a PPO or are self pay you do not need a referral. If you have Tricare Prime, Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO, Health Select, and Triwest VA, do require referral authorization.

At every appointment we need your an insurance card, valid ID, and current list of medications. 

Self pay client’s initial new patient visit is $165.00, follow up appointments are $80.00 each visit.